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Established in 1996, Greenside Leisurewear has been manufacturing and supplying quality garmentsto the corporate and agency market with an emphasis on quality, constant sizing and service.

Now, with the opening of numerous “promotional warehouses” around the country coupled with the closure of many CMT factories, we have been forced to a degree, to re-structure accordingly. 

Having come from a corporate background, we realise decisions on functions or events areinvariably delayed or withheld until the last minute which results inthe manufacturing of a garment being impossible therefore a “buy-in” is the only quick fix or alternative.
However we still remain committed to corporate clients and agencies, which purchase on behalf of their clientele, to produce custom made garments at realistic prices.

Our purpose has and always will be, to offer an efficient service to the client. We understand the pressure of the corporate world of today which means we take the sourcing and procuring out of your hands leaving you to continue your day to day activities.

In moving with the times Greenside has developed into a one stop shop for the corporate client with services offered in Corporate Clothing, Promotional Wear, Promotional Items, Work-Wear, Security Wear, Bags and Gifting.
If what you require exists we will find it ensuring you peace of mind.

We have aligned ourselves with importers of goods other than that which we manufacture and or supply. Therefore we can, with confidence offer you a range that encompasses everything a corporate company may need.

We also offer the extended service of importing a unique product for you should your quantities meet the minimum criteria.

We look forward to being of assistance for your next function or promotion.